What does it cost?

Our pricing is dependent on many factors. The pitch and hight of your roof can play a major part in the cost of installing lights. A standard home with no second level with just lights across the front will cost approximately $1 50.00 for install and removal.

Do you have a minimum cost?

We do not have a minimum cost at this time. All pricing will be based on the size of the job.

Do you have discounts?

We do have discounts for people who can help us extend our season. If you are willing to allow us to install your lights before the end of October we are offering $25 off installation and removal. If you purchase new lights with us we are offering $50 off lights and installation and removal.

Can you do trees or bushes?

We love doing trees and bushes and we feel that it really elevates the level of beauty for home decorations.

What is the cost?

The cost for trees and bushes varies widely based on the amount of lights and the size of each. A tree that is between 6-8 feet tall can cost around $50 to $100 per tree, again based on the number of lights. Bushes can cost around $25 – $45 again depending on the size and number of lights.

Larger trees can go anywhere from $300 – $2,000 or more. You need to remember that the taller a tree is the larger equipment we need to bring on site to reach the top. The larger equipment we need the more it costs to get the work done. Also the time to do larger trees increases exponentially.

Do you warrantee your work?

Yes we warranty all our work 100%. If a light bulb burns out, we will have someone out to fix the lightbulb within 24 hours. If your system fails and all lights go out we will try to fix the problem ASAP. This warranty is for our LED lighting only. Any incandescent lights will not guarantee a quick response.

What is your Installation and removal process?

We will schedule with you a date and time for installation. Our crews are rarely late and will notify you if they are running late. We use every precaution to ensure we do not cause damage to your home. Our installation is smooth and seamless and should be done in an average of 3 hours. Removal will be done in January and no appointment is necessary.

Storage of lights

We store all lights this is free to all customers.  A receipt will be given of all contents stored as you own the lights. At any time you want your lights just ask and we will deliver them to you.


We use only commercial grade lighting so you get the best quality product. We use tried and trusted products that the owner uses on his own home. We guarantee you will love the look of your lights.